The Shared Situation Guide is a set of linked Quip documents with explanations for using them. You can try them on your own, or attend one of our workshops.

In these hands-on workshops, you’ll use the Quip app on your mobile and/or desktop with Shared Situation Guide documents you can keep and modify. We’ll show you the ideas and processes, and use examples most people can relate to. You’ll try things and can ask questions as we go. Sometimes our workshops are given online, sometimes in-person, and sometimes both simultaneously. The workshops may have a minimum proxri (or ProxReward). As the guide grew out of the proximity thinking framework, links on this site may lead to pages related to ProxThink or

Public Workshops
For more details and to sign up, look for upcoming public workshops on Eventbrite. And if you live in the Los Angeles region, check the ProxThinkers LA meetup page for Shared Situation workshops and events. To be notified of upcoming workshops you can also follow ProxThink on TwitterFacebook or Google+. Another option is to join our email list for workshops, sessions and live events.

Live, In-Progress Workshops
If we’re currently having a live, in-progress workshop, you have two options. You can join the Hangout On Air via ProxThink on Google+. Or, for a more interactive experience, join via ProxThink on AnyMeeting.

Custom Workshops
To set up a custom workshop for your group or organization, contact us.