Starter Sets

Here you can find, share and comment on Shared Situation Guide starter sets for some common situations. This can help you and your group get more out of the guide sooner, by leveraging things others have learned and created for similar situations.

Some starter sets are by ProxThink and others will be from individuals or groups who have created a set of guide documents they’ve found useful for certain situations. And thanks to the Collaboration Deal (part of the ProxThink Terms of Use) it’s possible people who share starter sets they created may get proxri for their efforts.

Here are some guide starter sets by ProxThink.

To submit a starter set to be posted and discovered, contact us here.

As we get more sets, there will be several ways you can find starter sets:

  • You can search using the search icon at the top of pages.
  • When you see the tags next to the blog post for each starter set, you can click on any of those tags and get all the other posts with the same tags.
  • We’ll also have some organized pages with clickable categories and tags.
  • Each starter set will also mention how the set might be adapted for other similar situations.