Shared situations can improve and become more lively when people can relate to the proximity of their shared situation. The Shared Situation Guide helps groups do that in mobile, networked ways. This may assist any group with a shared situation, from friends and associates, to neighborhoods and communities, and even to regions and beyond.

This site has links to begin using the guide, provides starter sets for some common situations, points to workshops for learning the guide, and helps people find and collaborate with others using the guide for shared situations. 

Here’s a recent ProxThink video that mentions this site and the guide! View full screen if you want to read all the text.

We’re just launching this site, so things will become more and more complete. Follow some of the progress on the blog if you like! The Shared Situation Guide grew out of the proximity thinking framework, so links here may take you to pages related to ProxThink or proxthink.com.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the guide. You can contact me here.

Thanks and Enjoy!
David Loughry