Chances are, you’re sometimes in a few of these shared situations …

Living areas like an apartment building, home, neighborhood, street block.
Collaborative projects in businesses, homes, organizations, communities and with friends.
Shared resources like a kitchen, meeting space, common area, breakroom, lobby, workshop, set of tools, studio, pool, park, garden.
Events like meetings, parties, gatherings.

How often do such shared situations seem alive, effective, enjoyable?

How well we deal with shared situations often depends on our approaches and technologies. The Shared Situation Guide uses a proximity-oriented approach in a mobile collaboration app. This helps shared situations come alive and feel like living things. It can help groups deal with shared situations more effectively, sustainably, enjoyably. You can use this approach for liveliness outside the guide too. Plus, you can join others using the guide in your neighborhood, city and other communities.

About this site …

This site has links to begin using the shared situation guide, provides starter sets for some common situations, points to workshops for learning the guide, and helps people find and collaborate with others using the guide for shared situations. 

Here’s a recent ProxThink video that mentions this site and the guide! View full screen if you want to read all the text.

We’re just launching this site, so things will become more and more complete. Follow some of the progress on the blog if you like! The Shared Situation Guide grew out of the proximity thinking framework, so links here may take you to pages related to ProxThink or proxthink.com.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with the guide. You can contact me here.

Thanks and Enjoy!
David Loughry