News about the Shared Situation Guide

Quick Update: Modular Version of the Shared Situation Guide is Now Available

The modular version of the shared situation guide is now available!

Why the Modular Version?

  1. It’s easier to focus on each process. The processes are the Vadi Agreement, Proxri, ProxMonitors processes. In the original one-page version, those processes were sections of the document. But in the modular version, they become separate documents, making it easier to focus on each one.
  2. It makes getting around and navigating faster and easier.

If You’re New to the Shared Situation Guide …

Just FYI, this modular version requires a little time to set up the section documents and navigation links. So if you’re new to the guide, you’ll get a sense of it faster with the original one-page version.

You can check out and start using the modular version here. It’s also linked to from the original guide here (see the “modular version” link in the first bullet on the page).

Hope you like it. Let me know!

—David Loughry

News about the Shared Situation Guide

Working on a Modular Version of the Shared Situation Guide

When I created the original shared situation guide, I challenged myself to create just one main document that a group could use to collaborate using the processes of the ProxThink growth model. However, the more I use it, the more I realize that a small set of documents might also work well. So I’m working on a modular version, where the main sections of the original version become separate documents. So far, I’m liking it and excited about it. I’ll let you know when it’s available to try out!