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Starter Set: Organizing a Picnic

Here’s a Shared Situation Guide starter set for organizing a picnic.¬†It could likely be adapted for organizing some other event like a party, dinner or outing. This set is only one document, which keeps things¬†simple. Below are some highlights. The link to the set is at the end.

Shared Situation

Our group of friends would like to organize a picnic late next month.

Valuable Differences

  • We’d like, if possible, for people to contribute to the planning and contribute to the picnic itself, in ways that they find enjoyable and stimulating.
  • We’d like, if possible, for people to enjoy themselves at the picnic.
  • We’d like, as much as possible, to coordinate the timing so it works with people’s schedules.

Needed or Wanted Proxri

  • We need ideas for a good park where we can have the picnic.
  • We need people to collaborate to bring food and drinks.
  • We need people to coordinate for scheduling a good time for the picnic.
  • We need ideas for other fun things to do at the picnic, and/or near the park for before or after the picnic.


  • Ideas for a Good Park for the Picnic
  • Collaborating on Food and Drink
  • Coordinating for Scheduling
  • Ideas for Other Fun Things to Do

Link to the Set

Here’s the link to this starter set.