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Starter Set: Organizing a Picnic

Here’s a Shared Situation Guide starter set for organizing a picnic. It could likely be adapted for organizing some other event like a party, dinner or outing. This set is only one document, which keeps things simple. Below are some highlights. The link to the set is at the end.

Shared Situation

Our group of friends would like to organize a picnic late next month.

Valuable Differences

  • We’d like, if possible, for people to contribute to the planning and contribute to the picnic itself, in ways that they find enjoyable and stimulating.
  • We’d like, if possible, for people to enjoy themselves at the picnic.
  • We’d like, as much as possible, to coordinate the timing so it works with people’s schedules.

Needed or Wanted Proxri

  • We need ideas for a good park where we can have the picnic.
  • We need people to collaborate to bring food and drinks.
  • We need people to coordinate for scheduling a good time for the picnic.
  • We need ideas for other fun things to do at the picnic, and/or near the park for before or after the picnic.


  • Ideas for a Good Park for the Picnic
  • Collaborating on Food and Drink
  • Coordinating for Scheduling
  • Ideas for Other Fun Things to Do

Link to the Set

Here’s the link to this starter set.

Site News

Groups come alive and thrive when …

Groups come alive and thrive when people relate to the proximity of their shared situation. The Shared Situation Guide helps groups do that in mobile, networked ways. This may assist any group with a shared situation, from friends and associates, to neighborhoods and communities, and even to regions and beyond.

This site is an outgrowth of the ProxThink Shared Situation Guide, Workshops and Public Collaborations. Here’s a quick video. Watching it full screen helps with reading the text.

This site has links to begin using the guide, provides starter sets for some common situations, points to workshops for learning the guide, and helps people find and collaborate with others using the guide for shared situations.

We set up the site here since the features of WordPress can help people get more out of the guide, in at least the following two ways:

  1. People can find, share and comment on guide starter sets for some common situations. This can help people get more out of the guide sooner, by leveraging things others have learned and created for similar situations. And thanks to the Collaboration Deal (part of the ProxThink Terms of Use) it’s possible people who share starter sets they created may get proxri for their efforts.
  2. People can find, join and comment on shared situation collaborations (collabs). Some will be run by ProxThink and others will be groups running their own shared situation collabs. This may assist any group with a shared situation, from friends and associates, to neighborhoods and communities, and even to regions and beyond.

We’re just launching this site, so things will become more and more complete. Follow some of the progress here on the blog if you like! As mentioned, the guide grew out of the proximity thinking framework, so links here may take you to pages related to ProxThink or

Thanks and feel free to contact us with questions or comments!

—David Loughry