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Starter Set: Shared Kitchen

Here’s a Shared Situation Guide starter set for a shared kitchen. It could likely be adapted for organizing some other shared place, space, room, etc. This set is only one document, which keeps things simple. Below are some highlights. The link to the set is at the end.

Shared Situation

We (Sally, Dave, Frank, Annie, James and Beth) want to manage and enjoy our shared kitchen.

Valuable Differences

  • We want to keep our kitchen clean and well-stocked with food and needed items (napkins, towels, dinnerware, utensils, pots/pans, tools, appliances, decor, etc.).
  • We want to split expenses and tasks based on fairness but also enjoyment and wishes.
  • We want our kitchen to be a nice place to spend time, alone or together.
  • We want to easily coordinate cleaning, shopping, accounting, task choosing, and any shared meals.

Needed or Wanted Proxri

  • Generally, we need each other to pitch in and help to make our shared kitchen the kind of place we’ve described in our Vadi Agreement above. These various efforts are proxri, and some will get recorded in our ProxMonitors below, and some won’t, but that’s OK.
  • We can still use this area for unusual proxri contributions.


  • Shopping List – Food
  • Shopping List – Other Items
  • Cleaning
  • Meal Plans for Shared Meals
  • Accounting, Proxri and Preferences
  • Satisfaction with Aspects of Our Shared Kitchen

Link to the Set

Here’s the link to this starter set.


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